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30 Jul 2015

eM Client and Windows 10 compatibility

Microsoft has released a free Windows 10 update for all current Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users and some of you may be wondering if all your applications are compatible with this new release.

eM Client is fully compatible with Windows 10

eM Client as a native Windows 10 application is fully compatible with Windows 10 and all currently supported Windows releases. We’re also working hard on the upcoming release of eM Client 7 and its features will improve the overall experience and compatibility with Windows devices.

We promise to release more information soon, but you can already look forward to major features like conversation view, delayed send, new user interface and many more with this new release.

If you come across any issues with eM Client running on Windows 10, make sure to let us know on the Community Support or our VIP support if you're a PRO license user.

5 Jun 2015

Subscribe to public folders on Exchange

If you're using an Exchange account in eM Client, we have some good news for you. Some of our users have been missing the option to subscribe and unsubscribe public folders on the Exchange server. This feature is now a part of eM Client 6 and will be available to all our users from now on.

introducing public folders for Exchange

You can find this new feature in your account settings under Tools > Accounts > Your Exchange Account > Mail, Contacts and Calendars. Scroll down to open up the list of public folders and use the "Subscribe" and "Unsubscribe" buttons to add or remove the folder from your list of synchronized folders. All subscribed folders should be listed below your account in the left pane.

Before subscribing to folders, make sure your Exchange account is fully synchronized with the server, as the folders can be listed only when the account has been fully synchronized.

If you come across any issues with this new feature, make sure to let us know on the Community Support or our VIP support if you're a PRO license user.

5 May 2015

Totally New FAQ

Are you having issues with eM Client? We've updated our FAQ section so it's easier to navigate through the most frequently asked questions, allowing you to quickly resolve any setup questions. Visit the new FAQ.

facebook has shutdown support for chat

We really hope you'll be able to find your answer in the FAQ section in case of any issues or questions about the application. However if any of you come across any issues with the application, we'll be happy to answer any follow-up questions on our Community Support.

If you're a PRO license user, you're also entitled to use the VIP support to quickly resolve any questions or issues with the application. You can also chose to contact us at support@emclient.com and your query will be automatically added to the ticket system if you are a registered PRO user.

You can also chat with us live during regular business hours between 9am and 5pm GMT. If we're not available, use any of the other support options.

30 Apr 2015

Facebook Chat API support has been shutdown

You may have noticed we have removed the facebook chat feature out of the application in one of the recent updates. Since we also quite liked this feature, we just wanted to let you know this is not what we would prefer, but unfortunately facebook has decided to shutdown support for the XMPP protocol and the chat API.

facebook has shutdown support for chat

This unfortunately left us no other option than to remove the feature from our application, you may remember that we already had to do this with the Skype support in the past.

Facebook chat features are currently only supported via facebook native apps, e.g. Messenger or the native web browser UI. And as of today, it is no longer possible to use the chat API with third party applications.

15 Apr 2015

eM Client now features OAuth authentication with Gmail

Remember how you were forced to use the two step verification option or to allow access for “Less secure apps” while setting up eM Client with your Gmail account?

As of today you can update your eM Client to the latest release which from now on supports the OAuth authentication method that will allow you to authenticate with your Google account without any prior account adjustments and will increase the security of your account.


OAuth is the authentication standard that allows applications to reach out to your server for an authentication “Token”, that will be serving as the access key between your mail server and the application. This feature also allows you to manage the connected devices remotely, just by logging into your account settings online.

Since Google has decided to shut down support for the less secure apps, on April 30th make sure to update your application soon to avoid any future authentication issues.

Download the update here or by using the "Check for Update" option under Help in your eM Client installation.