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11 Jun 2014

Bulk Emails the Easy Way with eM Client

Sending multiple emails can be somewhat cumbersome, especially if you don't want disclose every single person's email address you're sending the email. For many email clients, you have to use BCC, but not with eM Client.

How to Send Emails to Multiple Recipients

eM Client has simplified the way to send bulk emails. All you have to do is follow these steps:

1. Put in all the email addresses you want to send the email to in the 'To' field.

2. Type your email's subject in the subject line.

3. Type out the email you wish to send.

4. When the email is ready to be sent, all you have to do is click on 'File' and then select 'Send as mass mail'.

This feature will allow you to send the email to all the recipients in the 'To' field without showing who is receiving it.

You can use this feature with a distribution list as well. Let's say you have to send emails to a specific group of people. Instead of always putting in all the email addresses, you can just create a distribution list.

To create a distribution list, go to 'File' and mouse over 'New'. A list of options will appear. Choose the one that says 'Distribution List'. The Distribution List window will appear and there you can click on Add New and then put in everyone's email address.

When you start a new email, all you have to do is put in the name of the Distribution List in the 'To' field. Write your email, and then send it as a mass email, which means just clicking on File and then 'Send as mass mail'. All the people in the distribution list are hidden.

Why eM Client Added this Feature

This is a new feature for eM Client. We understand people lead busy lives in the company of many people. Sometimes, they need to send the same information to multiple people, but they don't have the time to create separate emails. With this feature, everyone can receive the information they need and secure the privacy of the recipients.

If you're new to eM Client, visit the download page to get started using the best email client online. If you've been using it for a while, try out this feature. There's a high chance you’ll like it enough to let all of your colleagues, friends and family know how much easier eM Client makes the online communication.


19 May 2014

Transfer All Data from Your current Email Client to eM Client Easily


Are you using Outlook, Thunderbird, or another email client? Are you not happy with it? If you said yes to these two questions, it's time to make the switch to eM Client.

eM Client is a powerful email client that makes managing your emails, contacts, calendar, and chat easy. There's no email client out there with as many awesome features as eM Client.

But wait, are you wondering about your data on the other email client? Don't worry one bit about that because we've made it easy for you to import all of your data.
Simply download eM Client. It's FREE!

Once you do that, open the program and click on File. You will see an option that says “Import….” When you click on that, a window will appear with many options for importing data. Some of them are:

• Import from Microsoft Outlook
• Import from Microsoft Outlook Express
• Import from Windows Address Book
• Import from Windows Mail
• Import from Windows Live Mail
• Import from Thunderbird
• Import from folder with .eml files
• Import from The Bat!
• Import events from iCalendar
• Import contacts from vCard
• Import contacts from .csb file
• Import contacts from Facebook
• Import from Mbox file
• Import settings from XML file

When you click on one of these options, it will automatically find the program on your computer. It will then pull all the information it finds from it. Yes, it's that intelligent.

If you have a file you want to import, all you need to do is click on it, and then browse your computer to find the file. You can then choose where you want it to be stored and click on finish. It will then take the information from the file and place it safely into eM Client.

You could be using a better email client in just a matter of minutes. Go ahead and try it out, you will not be disappointed.

*If you should have any trouble, turn to our support team at http://www.emclient.com/support

6 May 2014

Mothers Manage a Busy Household Simply with eM Client


Being a mother is hard work. Mothers don't get that credit many times, but they should.

Most moms say the hardest part of their jobs is organization. With so much going on at the same time, it can be hard to keep it all together. 

 At eM Client, we've been thinking of how our email client can help busy moms get organized. We came up with a whole list of ways that will help moms, so we wanted to extend it to you – our busy mom readers.

Calendar Features

eM Client has a powerful calendar. Moms can input every single school event, day off, afterschool program, and sports practice. The system enables users to put in a start and end time, an alarm for reminders, and categories. When a mom is on the go, she can simply open eM Client, click on a category, and then immediately see what she needs to do.

Categorized Email

Busy moms get overwhelmed, so they don't need their email to be as overwhelming. With eM Client, moms can set up rules and categorize to filter their emails into as they make their way into the inbox. That means all users have to do is click on an inbox or category and find all of the emails they need for that part of their life. For instance, say you have three kids who have sports practice throughout the week. If you want to know about cancellations, you can simply click on your folder marked “Sports” and see emails from the coaches. Alternatively, you can categorize emails coming through and just click on the category of emails you want to see. 

Set Up and Respond to Playdates Easily

Email is convenient. Moms write what they want to say to someone when they have a few seconds in a day. The receiving mothers will read and respond when they have a second. Since mothers are not always free at the same time, this is the easiest way to plan for upcoming playdates. 

To-Do Lists

Using the Tasks feature will help mothers stay on track, so they can get everything they want done. Moms can create a task in just a few seconds, and then they can check off each chore as they finish. This helps so many moms finally feel as though they are in control. 


Mothers are bombarded with children's requests all of the time. Sometimes, they need a break. Since breaks don't last long, eM Client gives moms the ability to chat with people they know easily and quickly. Simply set up Facebook, Gmail and other instant message platforms on the email client. All moms have to do is go to their email to start chatting and socializing with others.

As you can see eM Client is valuable to mothers. It gives them the ability to be in control when the world around them is chaotic. If you're a mom seeking peace, you may just want to give eM Client a try today.

23 Apr 2014

Syncing Your iPhone Contacts to eM Client Easily


As many of you eM Client fans know, while you can sync your Gmail contacts to eM Client, you can't sync your iPhone contacts to it. That means, if something happens to your phone and you lose all of your contacts, you don't have a backup on your computer. That can be such a pain because then you have to go through the hassle of asking people if they can send you their phone numbers, addresses, etc. back to you. The good news is that there is app that can help you import all of your iPhone contact to eM Client, and here's how it works.

  1. Go to the App Store and download the FREE app Contacts Backup & Transfer.
  2. When you open the app up, it will show you how many contacts you have on your phone. 
  3. Simply tap on Backup. You will immediately see all of your contacts flash on the screen and the indicator that said 0% before will say 100%. 
  4. Tap on EMAIL to input your email address to send the file of your contacts to your email.
  5. Go to your email, and move the file to your desktop.
  6. Open eM Client.
  7. Click on File and then Imports to open up a window with import options.
  8. Click on Import contacts from vCard (.vcf), and click Next.
  9. Click on Browse and find the file you moved from your email to the Desktop.
  10. Make sure the folder says “My Contacts,” and then press Finish.


All of your contacts from your iPhone will now be on eM Client. You can decide how often you want to back up your contacts. We suggest doing it once a week if you are regularly adding people to your phone.

Once you have your contacts switched over, you can do many things with them. You can categorize them by placing them in categories for family, business, friends, etc. You could create a category just for iPhone contacts. That can be helpful if you do lose all of your contacts on your phone because you can easily see all of them in one category. Of course, you can place contacts in more than one category, so you can place your iPhone contacts in the iPhone category and then in family or friends category.

As you can see, eM Client enables you to do many things! This is just one more feature you'll end up loving about this email client. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and features for this powerful, yet simple email client.

14 Apr 2014

How to Use eM Client to Increase Productivity


eM Client has many amazing features. All of them help you do more with your email, scheduling, tasks and chat. However, many people do not know how to put them all together, so they can increase their productivity. In this productivity guide for the eM Client, you will be able to learn some new ways to use your favorite email client to do more of the work you love.

Start with Email

Your email can be the source of your work sometimes. That's why you can easily take emails and turn them into tasks with eM Client. All you have to do is press Alt+T and that will bring up the task window. From there, you can add a date and time to do that task. You can even set an alarm to remind you.

If you don't need to set a task with an email, you can mark the most important ones with a flag. This means you can do whatever you'd like with the email such as putting it into another folder, but be able to access the most important ones by going to the Flagged smart folder. This will save you a lot of time because you don't have to go searching for the ones you need to get information from or respond to.

Don't waste time going through a ton of emails when you should be productive. Create rules for your emails, so your work related ones go into one folder. That way you can go right to your work folder and get to work quickly without any distractions.

Stay on the Ball with Tasks

You can use the tasks feature on eM Client to keep you in line. When you create a task, you can connect it to your calendar. The calendar event allows you set a date and time. You can use this in two ways. You can use it to tell you when you should start on a task, or when a task is due. If you set the alarm for two days, you can remind yourself a task is due in two days.

Categorize the tasks, so you know which ones are the most important and need to be completed first. You can color code them, so when you are working, you can go straight to the color you've identified as the one you have to do first.

Organize with a Calendar

If you're sick of trying to remember everything you have to do and all of the meeting you must attend, use your calendar more. You can put all of your task and events in one place, so you have a nice view of everything you need to do each day.

Use the calendar with your mobile devices, so you can remember everything on the go too. With the ability to connect your Gmail calendar, everything will sync for you.

Refer to Chat History

Important information is shared on chats every day. You can save all of that without even doing anything. eM Client keeps all chat information in a history. To access the history, bring up the chat window for the person, and press on the small icon with lines. That will bring up another window with the messages, dates and times.

Start Increasing Productivity Today

One of the biggest parts of productivity is planning. If you can plan what you need to do each day, you can increase your productivity. eM Client helps you plan, cut out distractions, and stay organized. You can't do that with a regular planner, and you can't do that with most other email clients.