Some examples of user interface and dialog boxes


Simple and intuitive layout with theme support (see below)
Email client main window 1

User interface layout with message view on the right

Email client main window 2

User interface layout with message view at the bottom

New email message

New email message window


Highly customizable interface with various calendar views
Calendar in month view

Month view in calendar

Calendar in work week view

Work week view in calendar


Easy contact management via several pre-defined and custom contact views
Business cards view of contacts

Business cards view in contacts

Details view of a contact

Detailed view of stored contact


Integrated directly in eM Client with chat interface inside application or as a detached window
Chat contacts in sidebar

Chat contacts in right-hand sidebar

New chat as a separate window

New chat window


Dialog boxes showing new account set up process
New email account setup

New account creation with automatic setup

New account services

Services selection for new account


eM Client supports color themes
Modern theme - simple and clean

Modern theme; simple and clean without any extra design elements

Dark theme reduces eye strain

Dark theme; helps reduce the eye strain while improving readability

Pink theme - modern theme's color variation

Pink theme; color variation of the modern theme