19 May 2020

Archive your emails easily with eM Client

eM Client contains an Automatic Archiving feature which allows you to download all messages older than a selected number of days from the server and keep them stored on your local drive. Our Automatic archiving settings video tutorial will show you how it's done.

The tutorial will show you how to manually archive your messages and even set the archiving to be made automatically, so you don't have to worry about it (or watch it on YouTube).

Using a local archive can be useful for synchronized accounts that are running out of space or simply if you want to keep older messages off your synchronized devices, for example, if you don't wish to see messages that are several years old on your phone, but wish to keep the messages on your computer.

You can still view and work with archived messages in eM Client like usual, but they will be left out of searches (unless you specify you wish to include them) making the search more efficient. Once the Archive folders are created, you can also drag messages into and from them freely as they work similarly to Local folders.

Automatic archiving is a separate feature from 'Move to Archive' button, which is a server-side feature currently available only for Gmail accounts.