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23 Nov 2021

Black Friday 2021

Black Friday is here again, and we have a strictly time-limited offer for you.

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Professional email signatures

18 Nov 2021

An email signature is quite often one of the first impressions people get while communicating these days. Your average office day consists of 8 hours, and usually a few dozens of emails. That is plenty of opportunities to market yourself and your business. It would be a shame to not put this feature to good use. Today, we will take a look at how to set up such a signature and point out a few golden rules to make it more appealing.


Meaning of Cc and Bcc in emails

12 Nov 2021

Have you ever wondered what is happening with your message that is sent to recipients in CC and BCC fields? What do CC and BCC even mean in the first place? We are going to take a deeper look at yet another useful function of today’s mail clients.


How to properly use emails branding in eM Client

1 Nov 2021

If you run a business or personal brand, you want to use every affordable channel to communicate your brand through. As emails are (and will be) a necessary part of our professional communication, enhancing your email signature and style is a (basically) cost-free and truly efficient way to raise awareness of your brand.


Using smileys and emojis in business emails: yes or no?

15 Oct 2021

Smileys, emojis or gifs have become an integral part of our everyday private communication and these “visual aids” of written expression constitute a language of its own. But is it appropriate to use smileys or emojis in professional communication, even more so in business emails?


What email client to choose: Top 7 eM Client Advantages

12 Sep 2021

Let’s see why eM Client is currently the best choice for your email management and what key advantages it brings to its users.


Never miss important emails with eM Client's Watch for Reply feature

19 Aug 2021

It can happen to anybody. With the sheer volume of emails to process, we can also miss (not) receiving anticipated email replies. Though unintentional, missing important emails can cause a lot of trouble in both professional and personal communication. Fortunately, eM Client has an elegant solution to this – the Watch for Reply feature.