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31 Oct 2018

eM Client for Mac Beta 2

We are happy to announce the Beta 2 release of eM Client for Mac. We were listening to your feedback and did our best to fix all of the reported issues.

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eM Client Server Settings

16 Oct 2018

Whether you manage your company licenses or have numerous licenses of your own, we'd like to introduce an effective way of not only managing your licenses but also the user settings or all activations.


New device and eM Client? No problem!

9 Oct 2018

Purchase of a new computer or laptop is always a joy, but what to do with your current data? If you use eM Client then the simplest option of copying your data and settings is moving your whole database.


Advanced Startup

19 Sep 2018

Did you know that you can use a number of different startup parameters for our application to further simplify your work?


eM Client for Mac Beta

7 Jun 2018

We are happy to announce the beta release of eM Client for Mac. It was a challenging and complex task, but we are excited to finally share it with you.


eM Client and Efail

16 May 2018

A group of European security researchers has released a warning about a set of vulnerabilities affecting users of email encryption with PGP and S/MIME technologies. It is called "Efail" and it is currently a hot topic on the internet. So how does this affect eM Client?


Facebook Calendars and Birthdays

29 Mar 2018

eM Client provides a way to connect all of your Facebook calendars and display them with your standard calendar in a familiar interface.