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12 Nov 2021

Meaning of Cc and Bcc in emails

Have you ever wondered what is happening with your message that is sent to recipients in CC and BCC fields? What do CC and BCC even mean in the first place? We are going to take a deeper look at yet another useful function of today’s mail clients.

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Never miss important emails with eM Client's Watch for Reply feature

19 Aug 2021

It can happen to anybody. With the sheer volume of emails to process, we can also miss (not) receiving anticipated email replies. Though unintentional, missing important emails can cause a lot of trouble in both professional and personal communication. Fortunately, eM Client has an elegant solution to this – the Watch for Reply feature.


eM Client integration with Nextcloud: Update files you already sent

6 May 2021

The integration of Nextcloud (a modern, self-hosted content collaboration platform) and eM Client (a powerful email and productivity app for Windows and macOS) allows you to send files as links to your Nextcloud storage. It's easier, faster and safer. You can also upload email attachments from eM Client directly to Nextcloud.


eM Client integration with ownCloud: Attach files to emails as cloud storage links

28 Apr 2021

Sending files via email can be impractical, messy, and full of security risks. But not with the right tools. Using cloud attachments instead of local email attachments by connecting your email app to a cloud storage, such as ownCloud, is a good start.


eM Client Christmas Theme

22 Dec 2020

It's been an exhausting year with many challenges and it's important to stay in touch with our loved ones this holiday season more than ever. Therefore we decided to sprinkle eM Client with a bit of joy and created a brand new Christmas theme.


Design your own eM Client

21 Dec 2020

The updated eM Client 8.1 comes with a unique feature currently found in no other email client on the market in this form, and possibly in no other desktop software – an advanced WYSIWYG theme editor!