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eM Client 8.1 is released

3 Dec 2020

Progress simply can’t be stopped. Just a few months after the release of eM Client 8, we have a new upgraded version up and running. eM Client 8.1 comes with hundreds of fixes and optimizations as well as added functionality, including support for additional cloud storage providers, and a unique feature currently found in no other email client (possibly not even any other desktop software) on the market – an advanced theme editor!


eM Client never sells your data

13 Nov 2020

We take the protection of your data very seriously. Unlike the case of many other services, your data is completely safe with eM Client as we never provide it to any third-party – simply because, by definition, we cannot even access the data ourselves.


eM Client 8 from the user’s viewpoint

9 Oct 2020

eM Client introduced several new features in the recently released version 8. We will take a closer look at the most interesting ones, from the viewpoint of a common user.


New eM Client 8 is Finally Here

22 Jun 2020

The new version of eM Client, a desktop email client for Windows and macOS, is finally released in its full beauty. And it’s been well worth the wait!


Synchronize Your iCloud Account with eM Client Now!

24 Apr 2020

A while ago, Apple has improved security on all iCloud accounts which means that all third-party applications need to use a separate app-specific password to synchronize your iCloud data. Using this password is very easy and enables you to swiftly set up your iCloud account in eM Client.


On-the-fly Email Translation in eM Client

6 Apr 2020

Have you ever received a message in a language you don't understand or are just less fluent in? Whether you're communicating with a foreign friend or company from another country, being able to translate the message instantly can be much faster than having to copy the text out into an external translation service.


Signatures in eM Client

27 Feb 2020

Whether you're sending out a business email or a message to a friend, you always need to sign it - it's just common etiquette and something we learned from the old days of real letters.


Customizing user interface in eM Client

19 Feb 2020

We try to provide the most straightforward and easy-to-use interface, but there is rarely just one best solution. That’s why eM Client’s interface is highly customizable to fit your personal preference.


Contact Avatars

6 Feb 2020

Have you ever wondered how and where does eM Client download contact avatars from? Today, we'll let you know how it works.