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How to use cloud attachments in emails

17 Jun 2021

Sending files via emails “physically” as local attachments is outdated. It’s quite slow, messy and with number of security issues. Instead, you can adopt a fresh approach and email your files as links to a cloud storage. Let’s see how cloud attachments work in eM Client.


How to set Online Meetings in eM Client

28 May 2021

To make your remote work and meetings easier, eM Client now connects with popular videoconferencing tools such as Zoom, MS Teams and Google Meet. You can set an online meeting with one click, and eM Client will do the rest. Let’s see how it works in detail.


Inbox Zero: How to achieve it

20 May 2021

The main objective of Inbox Zero as a productivity method is to spend as minimal time mentally and physically occupied with handling your emails as possible thanks to efficient email management. However, misplacing the email management efficiency with a fixation on compulsive inbox cleansing is hardly the way to go.


eM Client integration with Nextcloud: Update files you already sent

6 May 2021

The integration of Nextcloud (a modern, self-hosted content collaboration platform) and eM Client (a powerful email and productivity app for Windows and macOS) allows you to send files as links to your Nextcloud storage. It's easier, faster and safer. You can also upload email attachments from eM Client directly to Nextcloud.


eM Client integration with ownCloud: Attach files to emails as cloud storage links

28 Apr 2021

Sending files via email can be impractical, messy, and full of security risks. But not with the right tools. Using cloud attachments instead of local email attachments by connecting your email app to a cloud storage, such as ownCloud, is a good start.


eM Client 8.2 is here with exciting updates

22 Mar 2021

We are proud to present eM Client 8.2 with yet another set of new exciting features, such as the Online Meeting integration with Zoom, MS Teams and Google Meet, even better cloud storage attachments support, new emoticons and Giphy support, as well as a litte treat from our designers - a beautiful set of new eM Stickers!


eM Client Christmas Theme

22 Dec 2020

It's been an exhausting year with many challenges and it's important to stay in touch with our loved ones this holiday season more than ever. Therefore we decided to sprinkle eM Client with a bit of joy and created a brand new Christmas theme.


Design your own eM Client

21 Dec 2020

The updated eM Client 8.1 comes with a unique feature currently found in no other email client on the market in this form, and possibly in no other desktop software – an advanced WYSIWYG theme editor!


eM Client 8.1 is released

3 Dec 2020

Progress simply can’t be stopped. Just a few months after the release of eM Client 8, we have a new upgraded version up and running. eM Client 8.1 comes with hundreds of fixes and optimizations as well as added functionality, including support for additional cloud storage providers, and a unique feature currently found in no other email client (possibly not even any other desktop software) on the market – an advanced theme editor!