9 Apr 2020

Automatic replies and Out-of-office in eM Client

Leaving your office temporarily or taking off for a holiday? Setting up an automatic reply explaining your absence is just good manners. Exchange and Google account users can set these up easily via eM Client. The video tutorial below will show you how.

Automatic Replies

Once you set up the automatic reply as shown in the video tutorial the setting will be synchronized to the mail server, which will then take care of sending these replies while you're away. We can provide automatic replies just for Exchange and Google accounts because the feature needs to be supported on the mail server to work as designed.

Automatic Replies in eM Client Automatic Replies in eM Client

Write a proper Out-of-office reply

Include how long you'll be unavailable and the date of your return. Don't forget to provide an alternate contact in your company, whom the senders can reach out to in case of an emergency.

It's good to mention the reason for your absence, but avoid giving too much detail, unless you plan to make your contacts jealous by bragging about your perfect holiday.

Last but not least, make sure to double-check your reply for typos to avoid any embarrassment.


Right-click the text field to access the spell-checker options which can help you with proofreading.

Now you know everything to set up the perfect automatic reply in eM Client. Enjoy your time away from the computer and emails with no worries!