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eM Client with Microsoft 365

eM Client is a desktop email client with full Microsoft Office 365 synchronization.
All Microsoft Office 365 users finally have a choice of what email client they prefer to use.


eM Client integrates email, calendars, tasks, contacts and notes in a clean and simple desktop app.

Apart from all the standard features that you know from Outlook,
eM Client is the only email app on the market with the full support of server-side rules and search, shared email and calendar folders, instant message translation, Snooze and “Watch for replies” features + easy to use tools for a company-wide email encryption (PGP and S/MIME).

Plus, it works seamlessly with Gmail and Google Workspace or any other email service.

Automatic configuration of all services
Work with your emails (including Shared folders, Public folders, etc.)
Synchronize your calendars (including Shared calendars and Free/Busy view)
Manage and synchronize your tasks
Manage and synchronize your contacts (including OAB)
"Out of office" functionality


Learn how to setup eM Client with Office 365 step by step.

  1. Open the account settings via Menu > Accounts.

  2. Click the "+ Add account" button to open the New Account window. The account wizard window will appear. Now simply enter your Office 365 email address and confirm.

    If you do not use Multi-factor authentication you will be able to enter your password and click Continue.

  3. If you use Multi-Factor Authentication, the OAuth window will pop up to take your password instead of being stored in eM Client.

  4. Enter the name under which the account should be displayed and click Next.

  5. Set up encryption for your messages or skip this step. Find out more about PGP here.

  6. Now you can choose your account avatar and what services you want to use in eM Client. Click Finish and you're all set to start using eM Client connected to your Office 365 account.

Any questions or need help? Do not hesitate to contact us.