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27 Mar 2020

How to work with Automatic Backups in eM Client

There are only two types of data - those that are backed-up and those that aren't lost - yet. Losing data, especially emails, is a nightmare, but creating a backup of your whole database with eM Client is a breeze.

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Smart Folders in eM Client

24 Mar 2020

If you manage more than one email account then you might have encountered the chore of checking each Inbox separately or looking for new unread messages in each folder. eM Client makes this easy with Smart folders!


Home office: how to be efficient

18 Mar 2020

Get the right tools to stay productive while you work from home.


The best IncrediMail alternative

12 Mar 2020

Transfer your IMAP/POP3 email accounts from IncrediMail in a few clicks and manage your emails and contacts in eM Client.


eM Client 8 BETA is finally here!

3 Mar 2020

We made eM Client even better and implemented long-requested features like Notes, Favorite folders and support for multiple instances of eM Client at once. But that’s not all. Our new enhancements make eM Client more appealing and your email communication more secure. See for yourself.


"Too many automatic redirections were attempted" error for Exchange

28 Feb 2020

If you use any Exchange accounts in eM Client, you may have encountered an error message that has repeatedly popped up in the Operations window over the past few weeks.


Signatures in eM Client

27 Feb 2020

Whether you're sending out a business email or a message to a friend, you always need to sign it - it's just common etiquette and something we learned from the old days of real letters.